LTP Music Catalog
Concert/Symphonic Band, Beginner
Grade 0.5 
Angel Bright by Les Taylor$40.00
Rock It! by Les Taylor$40.00
Grade 1 
Autumn Nocturne by Les Taylor$30.00
Bagatelle for Flutes by David Myers$40.00
Bennett's Switch by Les Taylor$42.00
Boogie Call by Les Taylor$40.00
Brass Medallion by Les Taylor$40.00
Cheetah Pet by Les Taylor$35.00
Cymbals Simon by Les Taylor$35.00
Holly Days by Les Taylor$40.00
Liberty Bells by Les Taylor$40.00
Millenium Bugs by Les Taylor$35.00
My Dog Has Fleas by Les Taylor$35.00
Nearer, My God, to Thee by Les Taylor$40.00
Quazy Quackers by Les Taylor$40.00
Rat-a-tat-tat (Boom Crash) by Les Taylor$42.00
Rockin' to the Core by Les Taylor$30.00
Roger Ratchet by Les Taylor$35.00
Rotsa Ruck by Les Taylor$35.00
Texas Cyclone by Les Taylor$40.00
Unleash the Power by Les Taylor$35.00
Weapons of the Destructive Masses by Les Taylor$40.00
Yankee Clipper by Les Taylor$40.00
Grade 1.5 
Land Beyond the River by Les Taylor$70.00
Red, White & Blue by Les Taylor$55.00
Stick It! by Les Taylor and Kevin Lepper$45.00
Grade 2 
Catoctin Furnace by Les Taylor$50.00
Contemporary Chorales by Les Taylor$45.00
Emiquon by Les Taylor$50.00
Fields of Glory by Les Taylor$50.00
Knights of the Golden Horseshoe by Bryan Kidd$80.00
Potomac Portrait by Les Taylor$50.00
Scarborough Fair by Carroll DeCamp$45.00
Swingin' Saints by Carroll DeCamp$45.00
Grade 2.5 
Vision of the Vikings by Les Taylor$80.00